Yogurt Sales Flat Past Two Years

The refrigerated yogurt market — $8 million at retail in 2020 — is virtually flat over the past two years. Greek yogurt — 40% of the category — is down 3%, while the small plant-based yogurt segment has grown by more than 63% over the same timeframe. – SPINS

Kimchi Sales Exploding in Growth

Though kimchi only makes up 7% of the pickles and fermented vegetables category, sales are increasing at an explosive 90% growth rate. – SPINS

Sake sales in the U.S. grew 16% for 2020, and plant-based meat alternatives and miso each grew 26%. – SPINS

Fermented Sauce Market Growing

Every segment of the fermented sauce market is growing in 2020; soy sauce/shoyu is up 31%, tamari 33%, fish sauce 40% and gochujang 57%. – SPINS

The global apple cider vinegar market expects over 12% CAGR through 2025, driven by use as a natural health remedy and digestive support. – Reportlinker

Over 650,000 workers in the brewing industry will lose their jobs due to the pandemic by the end of 2020, and beer sales could fall as much as $22 billion. – John Dunham Associates

The global kefir market is projected to reach $1.84 billion by 2027. – Fortune Business Insights

Tofu Sales Increased

Year-over-year tofu sales increased 40% in the first half of 2020. – Nielsen Data

Chocolate sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic. Americans spent $3.7 billion on chocolate during the 17-week period that ended June 27,up 6.3% from  last year. – Nielsen Data

Fermented ingredients are increasingly popular in restaurant desserts, with mentions of “fermented” sweets on menus doubling in the last year. – Technomic