Kombucha: Alcohol or Tea? Lawsuit Pushes for ABV Transparency

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Should kombucha be sold next to alcohol or soft drinks? Numerous big-name kombucha brands are under fire for alleged false advertising. Tortilla Factory (the parent company behind Kombucha Dog) is suing Trader Joe’s, Better Booch, Makana Beverages and Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha for supposedly violating the law by exceeding the 0.5% abv threshold. Tortilla Factory used a third-party lab to test the alcohol levels of the brands, and found their abv at 0.6-2.7%. Kombucha Dog is one of few kombucha brands that is sold as alcohol (it contains 1.4% abv), and they claim in the lawsuit that the mislabeling of the accused brands is unfair competition since most consumers will purchase a drink with lower abv. This is the second time Kombucha Dog has brought a lawsuit against kombucha brands. Earlier this year, they sued Health Ade and Humm Kombucha for understating their sugar content, allegedly putting double the amount of sugar in the drinks as the label states.

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