Former Felon Formulates “Fermented Felon”

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Ex-con Tony Horner broke his imprisonment cycle by starting a kombucha brand. His fermented tea is sold at various grocery stores in the Omaha area. He now works with two local prisoner reentry programs that aim to help fellow ex-cons. 

The Bellevue, Wash., resident served a 10-year prison sentence but struggled to find a basic job after his release. He was battling alcoholism, too, and turned to fermentation to heal his damaged liver.

Horner took fermentation classes and began brewing kombucha. He studied manufacturing practices and breweries, and worked as a bar manager to learn how a microbrewery functions. Once the pandemic hit, he officially launched his brand, Fermented Felon. 

“I think I have a product here where I could actually make a difference in other people’s lives,” Horner says.

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