Fermented Blackberry’s Anti-Wrinkle Power

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A new study found ingesting fermented blackberries wards off wrinkles, increasing collagen and skin thickness.

Researchers tested the effects on Korean adults – between the ages of 35 and 60 – over a period of 12 weeks  . The blackberries – fermented with lactic acid bacteria – were found to significantly decrease wrinkles around the eyes. 

The results, published in the journal Cosmetics, are a follow-up to a clinical trial on the formula (known as BB-1000) in mice. 

“The significance of this study is that the anti-wrinkle efficacy of a fermented blackberry product was confirmed not only in previous animal experiments but also in this clinical trial.” As a result of clinical trials on skin wrinkle improvement and safety, BB-1000 is expected to be used with confidence as a healthy functional food that can improve skin wrinkles.”

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