Dietitians Say: Nordic Diet Healthiest Option

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The Nordic Diet is getting more attention from dietitians, who are encouraging clients to embrace a range of fruits, vegetables, fish and fermented food and drink.

“’The Nordic diet features a large variety of foods, without any strict restrictions, which are key to a sustainable way of eating,” says Tamara Willner, London-based nutritionist.

Though the Mediterranean diet has dominated dietitians’ wellness advice, the Nordic diet is a heartier option. It includes seasonal foods that thrive in colder climates, like root vegetables – beets, carrots, turnips – and fruits – plums, apples and berries. Fish like herring are also recommended. Fermented food is a key differentiator  between the two diets – kefir, fermented fish and fermented vegetables are prominent in Nordic countries.

“Our gut hosts a huge number of gut microbes that feed off the foods we eat and produce more bacteria,” Willner continues. 

The Nordic diet is cheaper to maintain, too. The produce is generally less expensive and the Nordic diet relies on whole grains, beans or lentils.

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