Kombucha for the Skin

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Will 2022 be the year of fermented cosmetics? Market research firm WGSN thinks so. As consumers continue to desire natural cosmetics and Korean and Japanese skincare products, fermentation is a leading trend in the cosmetics industry.

Consumers want to protect their skin from environmental stresses and restore skin’s youthful glow and use potent ingredients that last longer, both factors fermentation addresses. WGSN calls the fermented beauty trend as “kombucha for the skin”

“…fermentation releases enzymes that break down molecules so they can better penetrate the skin, delivering powerful ingredients into the very structure of the skin or hair. The process of fermentation also cultivates the growth of beneficial bacteria such as lactic, organic and acetic acids, which act as natural preservatives,” according to WGSN. “These naturally occurring bacterias prolong the shelf life of formulas, appealing to both the sustainably minded and value-focused consumer.”

Smaller, niche brands already offer cosmetics using fermented ingredients. Gallinée’s hair cleansing cream is enriched with fermented rice water and Innisfree makes fermented soy masks.

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