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Sponsorship has its benefits

Affiliation with a category that is increasingly popular with consumers and fast-growing

Align your business with products that have well-accepted health benefits

Connect with younger customers through products they value

Support smaller, artisanal producers of delicious foods and beverages

Gain access to potential users and buyers

Participate in the TFA’s exclusive events

Charter Underwriters

Who should sponsor?

  • Suppliers of equipment and inorganic materials to producers
  • Suppliers of services to producers, including shipping, product development, testing, packaging, legal, financial, etc.
  • Retailers and distributors
  • Trade associations
  • Companies and individuals related to the industry, such as hospitality, agriculture, etc.

Members may choose also to be sponsors, at discounted prices

Demonstrate your commitment and support of the fermentation community by becoming a sponsor. We offer unique opportunities to connect with our members.

We are currently soliciting for Charter Underwriters and Founding Sponsors to support the launch of The Fermentation Association.

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The Fermentation Association is coming at the right time. We need an organization to connect this community and educate consumers. We really appreciate all that they do to build awareness and community
- Mary D.

We are so happy to support the TFA and the work they do in bringing this community together and educating consumers. Bravo!
- Jon F.

We have made incredible, lasting connections in this community through TFA. We are so glad we are able to support their efforts.
- Jennifer T.