Oregon Public Broadcasting featured Southern Oregon’s fermented food pioneers in their latest segment. Kristen and Christopher Shockey moved to Applegate Valley years ago with hopes of getting their 40-acre homestead to pay for itself. They began selling sauerkraut “before it was cool.” OPB said: “They saw the process that makes sauerkraut, called fermentation, as a way to literally bottle and beauty and the landscape around them.” The Shockey’s started fermenting any and every vegetable their neighbors were growing in surplus. They wrote the book “Fermented Vegetables” in 2014, “helping to propel the fermentation wave that swept things like kimchi, kombucha and kefir into mass culinary consciousness,” OPB added. Today the Shockey’s are teaching fermentation classes and releasing another book.

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Sauerkraut is making a comeback in the country of its birth, Germany. Thanks to the gut health trend and food writer Cathrin Brandes (German author of “Fermentieren”), Germans are reclaiming their national dish. Dubbed the Kraut Braut, which translates to “the Kraut Bride,” Brandes now teaches kraut making courses.

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