Microbiologists in Canada developed a formula that makes commercial kefir healthier. Traditional, old-world kefir is packed with health benefits, decreasing weight gain by 40% and cholesterol levels by 50%. Commercial kefir, though, does not contain bacteria-loving yeast used in traditional kefir. That variation in the fermentation process means commercial kefir is not as healthy. The Canadian microbiologist’s formula can be added to milk in commercial vats and is currently in the patent process.

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Fermented food producers, take note: gut-friendly foods is one of the hottest trends on Instagram. The social media platform is a hotspot for foodies, and food retailers should leverage the platform to attract new customers and communicate with current customers.

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The New York Times highlights gut health research in a fascinating piece on the secrets of the the microbiome. From the article: “A diet more heavily based on plants — that is, fruits and vegetables — may result in a microbiome containing a wider range of healthful organisms. In studies, mice that had a microbiota preconditioned by the typical American diet did not respond as healthfully to a plant-based diet.”

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