Key to Great Sourdough Flavor: Three Day Ferment

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Dallas sourdough guru Matt Bresnan of artisan brand Bresnan Bread and Pastry is opening his first storefront this fall — and sharing trade secrets on the tangy, delicious taste behind his naturally leavened and fermented sourdough. From Dallas News: “Making my sourdough bread is a three-day process, involving a couple of feedings of the starter,” he says. Technically, on Day 2, the fermented dough could be successfully baked, Bresnan says, but he rests it one more night to “retard” the dough. “This slows down the fermentation and increases the flavor,” he says. “It also further breaks down the gluten, which makes the flour more digestible.” Bresnan has heard from a few gluten-sensitive customers that they can tolerate eating his bread.

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