Chemically, fermentation is the most influential stage of a wine's development. It is when the raw ingredients first become wine, and involves a huge number of chemical processes. Accurately monitoring fermentation is essential to exerting control over the character of a wine.

Hear from Dr. Amanda Muraca of tec5USA on how winemakers can implement in-line, real-time spectroscopic analysis to closely monitor fermentation progress and get quantitative measurements of glucose, ethanol, and flavor compounds—representing a significant improvement over traditional wet-chemistry methods.

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Dr. Amanda Muraca holds a PhD in Chemistry from Stony Brook University. She is the Head of Business Development & Application Science for chemistry, petrochemistry, food, beverage, and agriculture industries at tec5USA where she helps develop solutions for difficult analytical challenges.

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Better Wine Production with In-Line Optical Monitoring

Vendor Insight Webinar

Tuesday Decmeber 1
10am PT / 1pm ET  

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